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Tentara's Digital offerings

2D & 3D Animation

This is one of the main services of the company. Tentara has been specializing and providing 2D and 3D animation for clients like HBO Latin America, Warner Channel, Latin America, NBC Universal, EA Sports just to name a few.


As an audiovisual focused company, Tentara Digital Corp, with Ricardo Bernardini as film director, develops professional films, aiming to outstanding visual concepts with the highest quality standards. Our animations have been seen in nationwide commercials, massively successful games and many other placements.

Web Design & Development

This is the biggest growing service of the company. We’ve been working with web design for over 10 years and have produced over 60 websites for different companies in many industries. Our current customers are demanding more and more web development services from the company specially WordPress development, where we need to acquire much needed expertise quickly.


Tentara Digital provides branding services at every level, from the conception and purpose of the customer company to the creation of logos that reflect those values. We also provide letterhead design, packaging, business card design, color usage, brand strategies and interior design according to brand.

Print Design & Services

We provide design and printing services in Packaging, Labels and Boxes as well as Business cards, flyers, brochures, pins, banners, magazines, books and everything print-related that our customers require.

Digital Strategic Planning

We provide consultancy on digital strategic planning for the customers that are looking to expand or create their digital strategy. From website design to online marketing plans we provide our customers with a consistent strategy that helps them achieve  their objectives in the digital space.

Illustration & Concept Design

Tentara’s long standing knowledge of comic book illustration and animation allows us to offer illustration and comic animation services as well as coloring, art direction and photography services for film making and animated film making

We offer all these services to companies all across the US and Internationally.

If you’re interested in getting a quote please contact us.