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It was the summer of 1980, in Bowling Green Ohio, I was staring at a black screen with bright green letters, “Color=12, Plot 10,0 Plot 10,1”, I was turning ten years old and had just written my first line of code on my brand new Apple II personal computer. By the end of that day, I couldn’t wait to show my father what I had created. It was an 8-bit image of the space shuttle and a title that read, “Solar Safari, a space adventure.” Look, dad, I said, I’m making a movie. My father stared at the screen for a few seconds and then turned to me, That’s nice, he said, but what do you mean a movie?. I was like, yes, dad, like Star Wars, they did it with computers. My father annoyed now said to me, Son, this is no game, this is a tool for serious work. Stop messing around and make something useful with it. Yes, as you can imagine, my future as a storyteller wasn’t up to a great start.
I when on to study electrical engineering, made my father happy, and started my career… as a graphic artist.
Since then, I found that my creative process always begins with a story. Some artists can start a design by looking at things, hearing a song, or by tracing that first line. For me, it begins with a story.
For the past ten years, I’ve been lucky enough to use my ability to design trough storytelling, creating motion graphics in promo pieces for HBO, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Disney, and EA sports.
A year ago, I wrote and directed two award-winning short films, 92MARS, and I AM HERO. And I currently developing my first feature, called Angal Tnetara.

I love to design incredible visuals and draw ideas from my life experiences. I believe that great design should need no words to describe it.

I’ve lived every day of my life striving to become better, not at one thing, but better at everything. I don’t just want to make a movie, I’ve MADE a movie. I don’t just want to write a book, I AM writing a book. I don’t just want to build a house, I’ve BUILT a house. I don’t just want to be a better husband and father — I AM.

If you were to describe me in one word, it might be, “curiosity.” It allows me to be open, progressive and allows me to be constantly learning new things. I believe that the journey is the reward and that we should enjoy today. I believe that hard, smart, and honest work, always leads to great things. I love to exchange ideas and build new things to improve the world we share, with respect and an open mind.

I enjoy teaching and speaking with those who are hungry to learn. I’ve been a consultant, a teacher, and a speaker in subjects such as storytelling, animation, design, and the future of technology.

Get to know me better by checking out my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. I am always open to new projects.