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Angal Tentara

Angal tentara is the epic story created by our founder Ricardo Bernardini about the journey of a girl named Angal as she discovers she belongs to an old forsaken race that died several millenia ago because its evil king allowed all the evil in the world to filter through.

As Angal grows she learns about the magic history of her people and she gets the help of the fighter Angel: Montius.

About Angal

Angal’s story started in early 1999 when Ricardo started creating the story, defining the characters and conceptualizing Angal’s world.

Throughout the last 15 years the story has taken multiple shapes and forms, from comic books, to animation, to 3D, to actual physical books, Angal has worked as a playground to show off the skills of our founder: Ricardo Bernardini.

Angal is a project still in development and there are many things to come, including the full release of the epic journey of Angal as she grows and fights the root of all evil.